Infrastructure Supervisor

PT. Indo Lotte Makmur


This is a Full-time position in Jakarta posted June 13, 2019.

Job Description

  • Establish H/W, S/W, N/W operation strategy.
  • Server/storage management/security equipment operation (FW/IPS).
  • Infra planning (server, storage, network, etc.) & standard management.
  • Vendor regular check & result analysis report.
  • Develop & provide H/W, S/W, N/W standard operating environment and review & report performance monitoring/function.
  • Server/network/storage resources management.
  • Develop & provide standard system/network architecture.
  • Infra contract management (project/operation standard agreement).


  • Experience on managing EC site infra management.
  • Experience on infra design & prototype.
  • Experience in technology engineering or operations with expertise in databases and middleware technologies.
  • Extensive Systems Engineering and Operations experience within e-commerce.
  • Strong understanding of security and risk, especially as it relates to patch and configuration management, logging, alerting and monitoring.
  • Extensive troubleshooting, triage, root cause analysis and performance monitoring skills.
  • Extensive experience of the following:
  • Performance optimization & tuning.
  • Clustering, high availability, load balancing and replication technologies.
  • Infrastructure As A Service platforms, such as OpenStack and VMware.
  • Experience with multi-tenancy and cloud strategies.
  • Experience with ITIL and/or other similar frameworks.
  • Vendor management experience.
  • Should have an understanding of current industry trends and their advantages with ability to right fit into an existing environment.
  • Background working in organizations that provide 24x7x365 support.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve successful outcomes in handling difficult situations and work with various customers and management levels.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences.

How to Apply

Application deadline: May 4, 2020

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